Welcome to On Elephants and Bacteria. Humble salutations from the Biosphere to the Blogosphere.


What is this blog? What can you expect from it?

This is a blog devoted to the diversity and quirkiness of the living realm. Not a regular biology site, here we aim to cover a wide spectrum of topics in an in-depth manner. Expect poorly known organism, rarities, things you’ve never heard (or thought) of. From liverworts to dinosaurs… without forgetting elephants and bacteria. To sum up, we want to blog about anything that goes through our heads related to biology.


Who are we?

This blog started in Barcelona as a joint project of two Biology graduates…

Marc Riera: at first only interested in dinosaurs, I have developed great affection for life as a whole. This is my first venture in the Blogosphere.

Alejandro Izquierdo: trying to make my first steps into the world of popular science. Check out more content (in Spanish) at Sharpminds and the magazine of the University of Barcelona, B-On.


Why are we doing this?

To keep it simple, we are doing this because we want to. We want to blog about anything that goes through our heads related to biology.

To elaborate on that, we felt the drive to engage in science communication at the end of our last academic year. Having learned so many fascinating facts we felt like sharing and communicating the awesomeness of Biology.


We hope you all enjoy reading us. Feel free to like us on and Facebook and Twitter.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    All the best with this blog!


    1. Thank you very much! Nice blog you have there, I’ll definetiley have a look at it!


      1. Jeyna Grace says:

        You’re welcome. And why thank YOU, for checking mine out 🙂


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